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this game needs a lot of improvement for sure...

Oh boy, you don't say.


does anyone know when the next update is coming ?


Will you ever make a mac version of this? I only have a mac and I don't have ANY access to windows... 


Will you ever make a mac version of this? I only have a mac and I don't have ANY access to windows... 


Absolutely adorable <3 I look forward to seeing where this goes~


i hope this works, i got winzip and replaced all files when unzipping, not even sure if i should've unzipped but my computer didnt know how to run the .rar file, wish me luck on trying the game

Unfortunately it seems that the menu's are breaking when at 1080p in windowed mode, at least for me they did, but not so much that they were completely unusable, luckily.

I found the game beautiful and with a cool idea but it needs to be optimized


10/10. 5 stars. Game of the Year. please continue this.


Where can we subscribe for more updates on this? Twitter?

Oh God yes.

My god I hope this does well! ^_^ Do hope sound design kicks up as well 

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Oh my god this pleases my craving for a chao garden game uwu


can you please tell me the minimum requiriments for this game? 

The camera controls need work. 

The kobolds are cute, though.

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very much this, the mouse sensitivity is way too high for me

Best game ever.

The style is adorable and I can see a lot of potential for this game. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see what's in store as the game develops :) 

What program do you guys use to open this? It won't open for me.

I used peszip to extract the .rar then opened the .exe

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Looks pretty cute!



Will we get kobold stacking at some point? :o


Just played around, a fun glitch I found - by rapidly alternating petting and picking up a kobold, you can gain height, as the petting animation pulls you up and then locks you in place. You then lift them up again, giving them height, before petting to pull yourself up to them. Using this method, I created a kobold tree, where I deposited all the kobolds on top of one of the palm trees. Well, most of them - you run the risk of losing a kobold when doing this, as they don't seem to fall properly and will just sit in the sky where you leave them.

Just ran it and wanted to leave some info in the hopes that it'll help developement.

-Found that while picking up a kobold, I can move through world geometry.

-Found that I can place kobolds inside geometry and pull them out.

-Game ran fine on my pretty good computer, if that metric helps any


Very nice game! Instantly reminded me of Chaos Garden on the Sonic Adventure games, too bad SEGA did nothing out of that unique function. One thing i can say is that mouse sentivity is uber high, at least on my end going with the lowest DPI possible on the mouse it still is insanely fast. Keep up the good work.

Very cute! I'll be keeping an eye on the project for further updates. 

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Just a headsup but the file download is spitting out a corrupted, UnOpenable .RAR right now. (2018, 03, 22)

EDIT: I thought it was the file as I downloaded it 7 times and WinRar insisted it was "Unrecognized format or corrupt" but 7zip apparently opened it just fine. My bad. (Guess my WinRar needs Kobold Luvvins)

I can't open it as an archive with 7zip apparently.


Just played a bit of the game, wow. Great Work. The mouse sensitivity was a bit high, even right off the bat. Great Game so far.

it reminds me to the chaos garden from sonic adventure 2. its a really beautiful progress, this game has a bright future.

That's exactly why i decided to support this game, it's cute, has a great end goal, and has a bit of that nostalgia factor to it.